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Yesterday I was down at the beaches in Toronto for Lisa and Rodney’s engagement session. As I’m sure those of you who live in this area know, it was a pretty rainy weekend. But it was kind of raining on and off, and I like the look of angry rain clouds so Lisa and I decided not to reschedule – and I am SO GLAD we made that decision!! I swear as I was driving down to meet them, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and this glorious blue sky showed up! And I still got these fantastic textured clouds too! I couldn’t believe my amazing luck!!!

And then it got even BETTER! I got Lisa and Rodney in front of my camera, and realized, Hey, these guys are incredible in front of a camera!! They were totally natural, fun, laid back, and best of all – so obviously in love!! (And it totally shows in the images, of course!)

I don’t usually use props, but the “Love” sign has a special meaning 😉 And for the record, the water was freezing cold yesterday, but Lisa and Rodney were total rockstars and braved it as best they could. See, wasn’t it worth it guys? 😉

In exactly two months from today, I will be photographing Lisa & Rodney’s wedding – and I don’t think I could be any more excited!!

engaged couple engaged couple love engaged couple love engaged couple close-up engaged couple engaged couple on the beach engaged couple in lake


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Today I was at the Glendon campus of York University in Toronto, doing engagement pictures for Carina and Jamie! Their two young (and ADORABLE!) daughters came along as well, along with Carina’s super-awesome and helpful mom! (Love meeting the family before the wedding day!)

I can’t wait to photograph Carina and Jamie’s wedding this July!

engaged couple engaged couple at glendon hall

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Two years ago, I photographed Chloe at her home in Toronto, when she was about 4 or 5 months old. Well the weekend before last (I know, I have a few blog posts to catch up on), I photographed Chloe’s baby sister Christie, who at the time was about 4.5 months old. (5 months old today!)

Not only is Christie SUPER cute, but she has to be one of the smiley-est babies I have ever photographed!

baby girl baby girl baby girl

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This past Sunday, I was down at Hart House at the University of Toronto, 2nd shooting with Claire Dam Photography.

Amy has 3 brothers, and I can only imagine how thrilled her parents must be that their baby girl has tied the knot!

Amy’s untraditional soft-pink dress was the highlight of the day – it was unique and so beautiful!

Bride with pink dress Bride and groom Bride and groom Bride and groom Bride and groom

My favourite part of the wedding day is the photos of just the bride and groom, but to see more of Harry and Amy’s big day, check out Claire’s blog post!

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Last-Last Saturday (that would be September 17th – I know, this post is late!), I assisted the wonderful Claire Dam with another beautiful wedding.

Maeghan and Reg were married at Trinity College at the University of Toronto, and let me tell you, the chapel is *gorgeous*! Not only that, but it has fantastic natural light! Double hurray! The only downside is that there are some very specific house rules when it comes to photography that Claire and I had to work around. Regardless we both got some really beautiful images!

Groom and Groomsmen Groom and Groomsmen Walking - Beatles Style Wedding ceremony Wedding ceremony Wedding ceremony - bride singing Newlyweds!

Click here to see more of Maeghan and Reg’s big day!

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Here’s another one from Lisa & Daniel’s engagement session! I couldn’t resist… Love it! 🙂


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Lisa and Daniel will be getting married this October, but yesterday we met up at the Toronto Botanical Gardens (yes, I’ve been there a lot lately) to do their engagement photos!

I was dazzled by their infamous pose, so practiced to perfection that I’m sure couples around the world will be copying this pose for years to come.

Impressive, isn’t it?

I also was allowed to see “Pure Daniel”.
Pure Daniel
I know. It’s mind-bogglingly good. (Bogglingly is a word…………… that I just made up.)

Anyway, here are some sneak peeks of Lisa and Daniel’s engagement photos.

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