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What were you doing on April 29th this year?

April 29th was “World Wish Day” for Make-a-Wish, and on that day I was at a firefighter training facility in Newmarket photographing a 4-year-old boy’s wish coming true.

Owen’s wish was to be a firefighter for a day. He had to go through training before he was made an honorary firefighter.

junior firefighter junior firefighter junior firefighter

Once his training was complete, Owen got a certificate and his very own, REAL (and very expensive!) firefighter’s helmet!

fireman helmet fireman helmet

And it was just in time for his first big rescue! He also got to help destroy a car with the “jaws of life”!

firefighters firefighters firefighters

Not ONLY was it World Wish Day, and Owen’s wish granting day (aka his “first day on the job” as a firefighter), but it was actually also Owen’s grandfather’s LAST day as a firefighter before he retired! All in all, a very busy and incredible day for little Owen!

Owen and his grandfather Owen

Here’s Owen saying “thank you” after his fantastic day! (Email subscribers, you will have to read this post on the webpage to see the embeded video. Or click here.)

Below are some links to some of the media coverage that Owen’s wish received!

Global Toronto

CityTV Toronto

York Region

The Auroran

And finally, here is an email I received a few days after the event from Karen at Make-a-Wish…

Hi Jennifer,

I didn’t get a chance to say thank you before everyone left on Sunday but I really wanted to touch base with you and let you know just how much we appreciated you coming out and supporting Owen’s wish and helping us to capture those memories for him and his family. It was an amazing day one that I think Owen & family will always remember and I’m really glad you were able to be a part of it.

Again, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to making this wish come true!



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My oh my, I have quite a few blog posts to catch up on!

Funny how, and I’m sure my fellow photographers will agree, if you don’t blog for awhile people think you aren’t busy, or you aren’t working. The truth is, when I blog less, it’s because I’m TOO busy to get to it!!


A month ago (see, I said I had some blog posts to catch up on!), I photographed a family who came to me through The Tiny Light Foundation.

Kailyn is 2.5 years old, and just over a year ago she was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder called Isodecentric 15q.

The good news is that this coming August, Kailyn is going to be a big sister!! So it was a great time to get some family photos done before they become a family of 4!

toddler girl

After they received all their images, Kailyn’s mom Renee sent me this wonderful email:

Hi Jennifer,

We just got the disc today and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The photos are absolutely wonderful and I just can’t thank you enough!!


I’m so happy I could help out this wonderful family!

The Tiny Light Foundation

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I live in Newmarket, and Newmarket’s local newspaper is called The Era Banner.

Well, I was very excited to find out recently, that I won “best photographer” in The Era Banner’s Readers’ Choice Award for 2011!

readers choice award

Here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me!

I will now answer what I know a lot of you are thinking… “Are you going to print the image above, cut it out and pin it to your shirt and wear it in public?”. Answer: Probably.

Thanks again everyone! 😀

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I never get tired of people complimenting my work, but this email I got today just warmed my heart and made me get the warm ‘n fuzzies!

I love all my photos! You’ve managed to not only capture the perfect moments, but you’ve also captured the beauty radiating from within my baby. Her spirit shines through in every photo.

The photos are such beautiful, treasured mementos for my family to cherish, not only today, but for years to come. Thank you for your incredible craft, and for allowing us to never forget these memories Jennifer!


Thank you so much Nancy!

Baby girl

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Kelden, Hayley & Brooklin

I love getting really happy emails from clients. It makes my whole day! 🙂

OMG!!!!!! I just got the disc!!
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE every picture on it. You are amazing. I was bugging everyone in the room “AWWW, look at this one, look at this one!”
Too funny.

Thank you so much for the extras too. That was so nice. I can’t wait to get them framed for my new house. I’m thinking I may want to get a winter one done, them a summer so I can rotate them all year.

Thank you so much for everything. We will definitely be keeping in touch.


Thanks so much for your great email Jaime 🙂 I had a blast photographing your kids! We had lots of fun in the leaves and playing in the park. Can’t wait to see you guys again!

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I won a photography contest!!!

Well, I didn’t get 1st place, I got 3rd, but I don’t care I am still SO THRILLED!!!!! Not only because I won a prize (an awesome reflector that I was starting to think about buying – and now I don’t have to!) but also because it’s the first photography contest I’ve ever entered, and I placed in the top 3!

This is the picture that I entered in the contest:

Here is where the winners were announced.

And here is the contest description.

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I received the following email this morning, and was so flattered!

Dear Jen,
Your photo inspired me to have one just like it, that I will have forever. Thought you might enjoy these pictures, you can use them on your site if you want. Thanks for your inspiration. Ted

That was from Ted W., from Syracuse, NY

Below is a photo of the tattoo he got on his back, and the photo I took that the tattoo was based on.


Based on this photo I took:
Sherkhan and Geronimo

How cool!!

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